What's the Best Yoga Outfit?

For over a year I've been wearing (almost exclusively) SavviFit Atheltic Wear for my yoga sessions, personal practice, workouts, and pop-ups. People say "they feel just like "LL", but I can buy more of these!"... Well, I never owned any "LL"s and if they feel like THESE DO, I was missing out! Woops! Now let's make sure you don't miss out on THESE!

#SquatProof #BootyLifting #BoobSupporting #TummyControl #SkinSmoothing #YogaClothes

SavviFit is literally for everyone, and actually, they're just "SAVVI" but the athletic line is called SavviFit and ranges in sizes from xs to XXXL! So, literally, there's something for everyone here. There are sports bras, tank tops, t-shirts, layering pieces, shorts, leggings (OF COURSE), and they even have SAVVI yoga mats, water bottles, and one of my favorites, the snap-back hat!

SavviEveryday is for everyday wear, "at

hleisure" if you will. It's all made with your comfort in mind. When I first started receiving my Savvi orders, I'd transform into a whole new su

per happy person (normally I'm "just happy") when I'd step into my new leggings, joggers, or put on one of my cute everyday layers.

I'm a brand partner with SAVVI, which means I get around 25% off when I buy, and If someone buys through my link, I also get a small commission. As a company,

we're still in pre-launch (think "Mary Kay" when it was just 1 year old starting out) and all our new item

s typically sell out the day of release...on Fashion Fridays. Ohh there's so much to share! Fashion Fridays are EVERY. SINGLE. FRIDAY! We watch live models show the new items, featured items (in new colors), or restocked (we love these) items! All sizes are represented and they share LIVE (on IG or FB) their feedback, and fit critique. Friday "drops" as we call them are at 10:30 AM PST!

The pictures & video in this blog are some of my FAVORITE pieces. Some are already sold out because of how popular they were when they were released, but if they're still on the site it means they will likely be restocked! If you want to shop click on my shopping link: HERE. If you'd like to become a brand ambassador with me, you can also do so in the link, my referral code is: SavviFamily or you can reach out to me via Instagram @MichelleMarieFont and I'll answer any questions you have, including how you can get $25 off your first order.

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